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Sand scoops

of stainless steel and titanium for beach
and underwater search for a gold or
jewelry with the metal detector

Sand scoop



-- Catalogue --

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120.00 UAH
Safety kit worn Garrett Pro Pointer! Stretching 1M carbine, ring made of stainless steel ...
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0.00 UAH
Diameter of 32mm, facilitates lifting of filled sand scoop. Buy an additional handle for sand scoop ...
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50.00 UAH
The sign under the windshield with a phone Car phone number card - the best means to protect the car from ...
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395.00 UAH
BUCK 860 Black TACTICAL HARTSOOK Ultralite 860 BKS Knife...
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1900.00 UAH
Vision 20x50 binoculars Canon is made of special glass BaK-4...
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100.00 UAH
Cut Resistant Gloves are used by search engines under the most extreme conditions
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95.00 UAH
Finishing Wax for the Sand Scoop’s Handels. Buy a paste wax Lucky scoop...
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125.00 UAH
Flashlight on the magnet + 20 + 3 LED Flashlight...
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0.00 UAH
Tactical Flashlight Ultrafire Cree XML T6 can be used to blind and disorient the enemy...
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195.00 UAH
Universal balaclava different from other ski masks that sewed of a double fleece material...
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720.00 UAH
The frying pan is made of a harrow disc, which gives it special strength, 2 sizes + a cover + a scoop ...
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1800.00 UAH
Garrett Pro Pointer - portable hand-held detector for accurate detection of local metals...
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250.00 UAH
Gloves Glove Lite tourism will help to illuminate the compass, find lost any thing at night...
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65.00 UAH
5 pieces. Glowing silicone shrimp - a great choice for a night sea fishing, do not have a shelf life ...
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0.00 UAH
Diameter of 32mm, collapsible, natural wood, waxing treatment. Buy a handle for sand scoop Corsair ...