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Sand scoops

of stainless steel and titanium for beach
and underwater search for a gold or
jewelry with the metal detector

Sand scoop



Lucky Scoop "ALLIGATOR 2-12"

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Sand scoop for beach search "Alligator 2-12"


This model of sand scoop from the company «Lucky Scoop» is designed for search at the beach and underwater search for gold. Scoop "Alligator 2-12" has circular holes with diameter of 12 mm. and 4 mm. on the scoop nozzle, which prevents loss of small jewelry, small coins, and different small ornaments from the shovel.

Small holes on the scoop nozzle help to pick up a small find (chain fragments and carbines, jewelry fragments, parts of earrings and so on) that slipped through the larger holes, which saves power and energy of a searcher. There is no need to bend and pick up the find manually; this shovel nozzle will help you! It is recommended for use with dry and wet sand, broken and a large shell, gravel, clay, surf line and in water.

Coins and gold search on the beach with the help of scoop of this model can be done with any metal detector of your choice.

Sand scoop «Alligator 2-12» has excellent washing ability, which is provided by enlarged holes that will replenish your collection with larger jewelry and interesting finds.


Bent downward sand scoop top edge (bump) and have function of the cutting part of the scoop, which contributes to a better deepening into the ground and comes as an additional stiffener.

The rear wall of the scoop is made with an angle that provides convenience to stop foot and reduces the load on hands.

After searching with a metal detector and founding out the target, the find remains in your scoop, you just need to wash or trot the shovel.

This tool for beach search is made of special food-grade stainless steel AISI-304.

We do not produce incisions and scorings, so-called "traps" for chains and bracelets; it weakens the metal, which contributes the appearance of tears and deformation of the scoop. If you want you can do it by yourself, but in this case the guarantee will be canceled!

Sand scoop of stainless steel and titanium from "Lucky Scoop" company has durability, lightness, reliability and fatigue life of metal!

You can buy online from our site a scoop for beach and underwater search of the best quality. It is enough to place it into the basket, send an email or just call.

Titanium shovels and sand scoops (Titanium sand scoop) are produced for order. Get the details from our managers.

Beach search and search for gold with our scoops is unforgettable pastime and replenishment your collection with interesting finds. Good luck in your search! Best regards, «Lucky Scoop» company

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The product is patented and manufactured in Ukraine!





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Stainless steel

(AISI 304) 2 mm















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