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Glove-Glovelite flashlight

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Company Lucky Scoop to your attention an innovative device that you replace both the flashlight and gloves, while leaving both hands free, which is important!

What is the glove-lantern Glovelite - this is a flashlight that is worn on the arm like a normal glove emits light from the two light-emitting diodes, and has an adjustable velcro on the wrist. Dual LED provides bright light exactly where you need most.

Gloves backlit useful for all occasions, easy to turn on and off, sit comfortably in the hand.

Gloves for Fishing Glove Lite effectively proven fishing at night. When fitting or changing the bait wobblers, silikonok etc. You do not give out their place of fishing, as it can occur with the use forehead or suspended lantern on-site parking.

Gloves Glove Lite tourism will help to illuminate the compass, find lost any thing at night, highlight the card and not to go the route.

Glove Lite can also be used for hunting gloves.

Gloves with a flashlight Glove Lite can also be used in car repairs in hard to reach areas under the hood, repair the wiring in the dark, or an example of the work under the sink at home everyday conditions.

Power supply: 2 batteries in 2016 (included).


Buy in Ukraine Glove Lite glove is very easy! It is enough to bring the goods "shopping cart" and fill in the feedback form.

Price: 250.00 UAH
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