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Sand scoops

of stainless steel and titanium for beach
and underwater search for a gold or
jewelry with the metal detector

Sand scoop



Handle for sand scoop "Universal"

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Wooden handle for sand scoop "Universal"


Sand scoop handles of the company «Lucky Scoop» are presented in several different ways of producing for your choice.


Wooden handle for sand scoop "Universal" is made of natural wood of following wood species: ash, birch, oak, maple and has a collapsible design. The handle consists of two parts, it is easily fitted up by means of a thread connection, made of the stainless steel or corrosion-resistant aluminum. At the scoop handle end the company «LS» made a connecting mechanism with a lock, which allows fast scoop assemble and disassemble on-site search. Such a design of the handle does not let tree to swell that allows you easily take the handle out of the scoop after a long search in the water. It is a universal handle for scoop, suitable for all models of scoops for beach search except for «Corsair».

Each sand scoop shaft of our company is equipped with a "flash light" at its top. This elongated groove that easily helps you to determine in the muddy water which side scoop nozzle is directed to, which greatly simplifies the search for gold in the water. We also equip our handles with special stainless steel ring and a cord at the end of the handle. This mount allows you to not lose the shove in water especially in stream. Fastened to the belt with carbines, which are included. If necessary, it can be easily unscrewed.




The wooden part of the handle is made with special technology, using special stains, teak oil, tung oil, danish oil, natural hot beeswax and polishing. This proven method provides fortress, elasticity, water resistance and durability. It also protects the wood from moisture and mildew.

Similar technology is used in the manufacture of butt stock for hunting weapon, as well as handles for knives. In cold weather it does not make hands cold unlike metal or plastic.


Janka hardness test table of the wood


Why do we use beeswax for coating our sand scoop handles?

In the production of our handles for shovels and scoops we use ancient technology of beeswax waxing! Beeswax is a natural product, which is evolved from working honeybee glands. This natural substance steadfastly maintains its properties for centuries! It was known in ancient times and used as water repellents in any way. Today there are many ways to protect the products of wood, but the wax coating technology "waxing" remains unchanged. The main advantage of this method of impregnating wood is that the wax penetrates deep into the wood, and does not remain on the surface and preserves it for a long time interior and exterior. Wax treating gives creaminess to the wood that can be felt while touching it and it doesn't hide natural heat of the wood unlike varnishes and other substances. Waxed surface of our scoops is protected from moisture, dust, dirt, mildew. It makes the wood more durable and resistant to atmospheric changes and mechanical damages, retains heat and makes the wood "breath".


Advantages of natural beeswax:

Harmless to health

Emphasizing the beauty and improving the texture of the wood, it becomes more expressive and brighter, in some time it slightly becomes darker and acquires noble golden tone.

Wood surface after waxing becomes water repellent and resistant to scratching, besides, it breathes unlike after varnishing.

Waxed wood acquires a noble matte gloss and has a great smell.


It has been long time it is known about the healing properties of wax. The presence of about 300 chemical components in it, with carotene and vitamin A as the main ones among them, makes it a versatile mean for wax applications, healing and restoration of the skin. Wax anaesthetises affected joints, relieves ache in hands after fractures and injures, heals bruises and abrasions. The composition of beeswax contains substances with antibiotic and antibacterial properties that impede the growth and development of many disease-causing organisms. Wax nutrients absorbed through the skin, treat inflammation and skin redness caused by them. Natural wax nutrients restore the original color and elasticity of the skin. Beeswax is not soluble in water, alcohol, glycerin and cold spirit.

Scientists still can not artificially create this product!


Why did we chose exactly these woods for making handles, holders and cuttings for our sand scoops?


Sand scoop handles of the company «Lucky Scoop» are made manually by our craftsmen in wood from natural eco-clean materials!


Firstly we examined the technical properties of wood. The most important of them are:


Durability. Wood durability is the ability of a felled tree to be held for more or less long time without losing its technical properties. Durability of wood depends on the breed, age and the conditions in which the wood is held. Felling trees in winter are persisted better than trees felled in summer. This is because in summer the nutrients are dissolved in wood juice, which provokes decay and wood deterioration. But in winter sap consists mainly of pure water.


Hardness. Hardness is the ability of wood to resist the penetration of solid foreign objects. For example: Hardness is hammering nails, cutting, drilling or boring. Consequently, the denser the wood, the harder it is. Ash, birch, maple and acacia belong to the sawmills.


Strength. Strength is the wood resistance for breach, fracture, compression, bending and twisting. All these kinds of external influences resistance are extremely appreciated for scoop handles manufacturing. Before you buy a wooden handle for a scoop, you must know its bending resistance, compressive strength and twisting resistance to. Knotted wood lowers its strength fracture.


Weight. Weight of the wood depends on the weight of the wood itself, and water in it. In freshly cut wood the weight of water is 40-50% and air-dry weight of the wood is about 10-15%. Using artificial drying we get absolutely dry wood. Drying time depends on the density of the wood.


Elasticity. Elasticity is the ability of a wood to bend under the influence of any force and then come back to its original position upon termination of this force. The elasticity of the wood depends on the species, age, and humidity. Dry wood and heavier species have better elasticity. The more the age the more elastic it is. Trees with evenly placed growth rings have better elasticity.


Brashness. Brashness is the ability of the wood to be brashed along its filaments. This property does not depend on the structure of wood, humidity, knottiness, etc. for all the species on same way. The biggest brashness have spruce and fir, the smallest - birch, ash, maple, acacia.


Before buying a handle for sand scoop "Universal" of ash you need to know that the ash wood, due to its elasticity and strength, was used for the manufacture of combat guns and hunting guns. Ash was used for stakes and combat baton that were strong and elastic. Ancient Novgorodians were producing bows of five ash plates glued with bone glue. Bear spears, lances, arrows, shafts these all are examples of hunting weapons of ash. Well dried and seasoned ash boards were used in shipbuilding. For furniture manufacturing if we are taking into account the beauty, ash texture is equated to ebony and mahogany. In the XIX century ash was used for the producing carriages and sleighs. Ash was bent for making skis, hoops, rockers, paddles and rims. Now poles for gymnastic bars, racing paddles, high-quality skis, billiard cues, baseball bats are made from ash.


Before you buy a handle for sand scoop "Universal" of birch you need to know that to get a good large ornamental birch material the tree must be cut at the age of 60-80 years and sometimes even of 100 years old. Dense birch wood is durable and resistant to brashness. Used for the manufacturing of plywood, skis, stocks for firearms. Birch has no smell, so it is used for the production of wooden dishes and parquet. Birch was also used for medicinal purposes, people were doing infusions from birch buds, bactericidal and healing tools, oil mixtures of birch buds were used as a dermatological remedy. The tar is a traditional preservative and disinfectant remedy. Since olden times birch twigs have been used for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes in Russian baths.


You can also buy a handle for sand scoop "Universal" of maple. This tree specie has its own advantages. Solid, dense and durable solid maple wood has a beautiful drawing formed by narrow dark heart-shaped beams, giving it a special decoration. Since olden times maple wood has been used in carpentry for producing bentwood furniture, musical instruments such as drums, guitars, violins and brass instruments. They also were producing skis, rifle beds, ax handles, rims for wheels, making cutlery and paddles. Sskittles for bowling, baseball bats and much interesting things today can be made of maple.



Beach cop with handles made of wood from the company «Lucky Scoop» is the convenience, ease and fascination.

Search for gold on the beach with the help of our shovels is unforgettable pastime and your collection replenishment with interesting finds.

Good luck in the beach search! Best regards, «Lucky Scoop» company.


The product is patented and manufactured in Ukraine!


Wood material: Ash

Diameter: 32mm


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