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Sand scoops

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Sand scoop



A safety cord Garrett

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Dear searchers and search instrument lovers!


We present you a novelty in the market of metal detectors, which have been waiting all holders pinpointer, and which has earned great respect among the fans with metal detector find!

Now you do not need to worry about the loss of his metal detector or be afraid that you will lose your Garrett Pro-pointer, forget, or leave it in the grass or a drop during the search of the boot!

Buy safety cord for the metal detector in Ukraine and get rid of all these problems - the way out of sticky situations!

Why do I need a safety cord pinpointera Garrett and how to use it?

Among the many accessories that are used lovers in search of an instrument with metal, an important role is played by a safety cord for the metal detector and pinpointer.

He fastened to a belt or a wetsuit to any of your outfit and the other end to pinpointer. This method of attachment does not affect the operability. The most important function performed by the cord to propointer Garrett - prevent loss of your metal detector.

Design features for Propointer cord.

The main feature of this device - simplicity and reliability!

Insurance for pinpointer Garrett, consists of durable twisted rope made of plastic, which is used to pistol insurance. Coiled cord, do not take up much space and does not create obstacles to the simultaneous work with other search tools. This safety cord has a simple construction and high resistance to wear of all parts.

Cable length 15 cm. In a calm state, and with the ability to stretch up to 1 meter, allowing you to use the search engines pinpointer high growth. Lightweight aluminum carabiner and belay ring Garrett Pin Pointer, made of stainless steel ensures long years of service.

Cord for insurance Pro Pointer Garrett suitable for almost all belts, suspenders, and everything which can be hooked snap.

Variants of using a flexible cord when working with metal.

When searching with metal detector - one end of the cord, you catch the snap on her, mounted on the second pinpointer. To do this, simply unscrew the battery cover, insert and screw the ring back, it takes a few seconds! Such a simple and cunning device will save you from thinking how not to lose pinpointer.

Package for safe wearing Garrett Pro Pointer, does not prevent the wearing of pins in a holster on his belt, does not cling to clothes or gloves.

Cord for insurance Pro Pointer Garrett buy in Kiev, you can right now! Just click on the button "Add to cart" and fill in the feedback form.



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