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Sand scoops

of stainless steel and titanium for beach
and underwater search for a gold or
jewelry with the metal detector

Sand scoop





Company «Lucky Scoop», offers a wide selection of additional products for metal detectors, as well as a diverse inventory for the fans of this exciting business as a beach search for gold and coins.


Since the beach search with a metal detector becomes increasingly popular, it is possible to get good "profit" on the beaches where searchers haven’t stepped before. Experienced miners use shovels for beach search that are called “scoops”. These scoops can be used both on land and for underwater search.


Directly from our site you can buy a sand scoop, stainless steel sand scoop, titanium sand scoop or shovel for underwater search of the best quality. It is enough to put chosen items into the basket, send an email or just call.

It is easy to scoop up the ground with the help of our scoop. It does not matter, if it's dry or wet sand, broken shell or gravel, silt, clay or stones. It’s enough to catch the target with the metal detector, scoop up the ground with the help of scoop from company «Lucky Scoop», which will give the opportunity to trot quickly the ground or wash out unnecessary content, and Voila! A find is in your pocket!


Exciting beach search of jewelry with scoops from «Lucky Scoop» can be divided into three components:


- Beach search with a metal detector on the coastal zone near the water.

Search with a metal detector on the beach, it is an interesting kind of search with the main tempting target - the lost gold. On hot days, all people are willing to go to the cool waters, fill up all the beaches, and provide activities for active recreation. Sometimes they do it very active so that they lose not only the keys and coins from the pockets, but also gold ornaments. This kind of search is nice and attractive for several reasons:

In hot weather you can swim and in the same time to carry out a beach search.

It’s very easy to dig on a sandy beach unlike on a land one.

It's not a secret that there is a real gold at beaches!

Rubbish, plugs, tabs from beer cans, which will be found by you, but you should not upset, because you may find a valuable award!

Except for plugs and gold jewelry, you will find fishing nets, keys, modern coins, cellphones, key chains, and if the beach is old, you may also find old coins, at least since the Soviet Union times, knives, forks, spoons.

- Search with a scoop in the water at shallow depths.

These are the places with the great amount of the lost jewelry such as earrings, christcrosses, chains, rings, bracelets, pendants. You can combine business with pleasure - In hot weather you can swim and in the same time to carry out a beach search. Depth is about 1-2 meters.

Old bridges and the ruins of the mill can be also considered as interesting places for searching. Such objects should be marked on any old maps of 19 - 20 century. You need only to orient yourself and you're ready to search. Old piles seen in the water that once were used for the construction of bridges may serve as guidelines. You also need to pay attention to old foundations that were used for water mills but now overgrown with moss and algae. Lots of coins and jewelry was accidentally lost at these places or hidden near such a wonderful guide. The main task of the searcher is to discover these treasures, both in water and on land. The main tool for searching is our SCOOP. Your task is to distill semisolid ground at the bottom, as if sifting it. All found items will remain in the bucket.



- Underwater search with aqualung.

While swimming under water with a metal detector you can find the treasure because there is a lot of sank ships at the bottom that carried gold, silver, or were caught in a storm or sank in consequence of hostilities. Relief maps of the sea and ocean bottoms, made by satellites, can be found on the Internet. There are also books that describe the approximate place where the ships sank. A big amount of lost ornaments are resting on the bottoms of ponds. This is an exciting experience to find something while diving underwater with aqualung and a tool for underwater search. And the famous finds of divers are the best evidence of that.



Where and how to look for gold on the beach using metal detector and scoop?

The most productive search for gold with a scoop is in the surf zone on the wet sand and search for jewelry in the water. Waves move all main trash of lightweight materials in the direction of dry beach, however fine gold jewelry are washed out to the beach during a storm to a land marked with number 1 in figure, and large jewelry are gathered in pebbles in the surf zone behind hush or sand bar (marked with number 2 in figure).



Scoops of company "Lucky Scoop" can be used in following areas:


Aquaria - for selecting the right kind of ground for different types of aquariums. Anyone who is interested in it can choose for himself the necessary fractions and ground that will take only some minutes.

Municipal - for cleaning beaches and recreation areas from broken glass, cigarette butts, bottle caps, search for small items. This invention greatly facilitate the work of janitors and maintaining beaches staff by cleaning sand from debris in water and on land.

Agrarian - for grading seeds, as well as sifting crops from debris.

Forensics – for searching items in bulk materials and water.


Production of scoops, handles and shovels for beach search


Each scoop of the company «LS» is made manually by working with steel professionals, taking into account all the preferences of professional beach searchers. Our scoops are made of stainless steel (Stainless Steel Sand Scoop) AISI 304, which is one of a non-magnetic, low-carbon, stainless austenitic steel group. Its carbon content does not exceed 0.08%. This type of anticorrosive steel has a higher density, plasticity, has particularly good corrosion resistance, can withstand extreme temperatures. Chemical composition of steel AISI 304 includes 18% chromium, which provides its high oxidation resistance (more than 100 years, in a moist environment!) as well as aggressive chemical agents and corrosion resistance.

We also make scoops of titanium (Titanium Sand Scoop) - this metal is used in different kinds of industries: military (body armor, armor and fire walls in aviation, submarine frames), automotive, agricultural, and food.

Metal welding is carried out with modern equipment using high quality materials that are also used in the aircraft industry that allows producing high-quality welding materials.

Each model of our scoop has its purpose and can be used for searching in different conditions. We took into account all your wishes, here you can easily pick up a beach scoop that you like from "Lucky Scoop" company!

We wish you a successful hunt for gold! Best regards, «Lucky Scoop» company


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